Friday, 15 June 2012

Package in today - Vinnerbaits!

Hey everyone,

I got a package in the mail from one of my sponsors, Vinnerbaits.  They are a now private bait company out of New Jersey.  Vinnerbaits was an up and coming company that's key feature was the Vinsert technology.  Each bait in the VT series has a tough insert molded right into the bait, causing the bait to travel up the line and not pull off when a fish shakes their head.  The VTx series has a Vinsert running right through the entire bait.

This order consisted of some of my favourites in both the VT and VTx series.  Wakki Stikks, Shakee Stikks, Twitchin Shads, Vinnerminners and of course, Jigs. Now enough talking, here's some eye candy!

Up first we have the Vinnerminners.  Vinnerbaits swimbaits are top of the line and durable, like all of their baits.  The colours on them are outstanding.  These are all the 4" version and great for both Smallies and Largemouth.

Vinnerminners, from top to bottom: Golden Shiner, Zombie Shiner, Greenback Shad & Molten Steel

Another one of my favourite techniques is throwing a wacky rigged senko.  Vinnerbaits Wakki Stikk is the ultimate stickbait for wacky rigging.  With a Vinsert molded throughout the entire bait, it is all but guaranteed to NEVER rip off from your hook.  Check out the link below and decide for yourself :)

Wanna catch a pig? Try wacky rigging the Wakki Stikks and Shakee Stikks: Top, Shakee Stikk in Shockwave, Bottom left, 3" Green Pumpkin Wakki Stikk, Bottom right, 4" Pumpkinseed Wakki Stikk

Lastly, one of my favourite baits to throw are jigs.  They have been one of my go to baits and I just love flippin a jig.  Keeping with the rest of their baits, Vinnerbaits finesse jigs, flippin jigs and piledriver jigs are outstanding.  All hand-tied and painted with a shiny enamel, you can toss these all day, bounce them off docks and structure, and the paint will still look brand new.  Take a look for yourself.

From left to right: Finesse jig 1/4 ounce in Green Pumpkin, Flippin Jig 1/2 ounce in Orange Craw, Piledriver Jig 5/8 in Blue/Black.

All the jigs from Vinnerbaits are hand tied and made to order.  The Flippin Jig comes with a built-in rattle.
So there you have it, some of my favourite products from Vinnerbaits.  As I mentioned in the beginning of my post, Vinnerbaits is a private company.  The guys decided to shut it down to the public to spend more time with their growing families, being a new parent I can't say I blame them.  They were working around the clock to churn out some outstanding baits.  While they are no longer available to the public, they are still available to staff members and select customers.  With that being said, if you see something you like send me a message and I can help you get your hands on some.

Thanks for reading!


PS Some more pics!

Love me some spinnerbaits! White/Chartreuse, my favourite!

Twitchin Shad, great for jerkin, I like to drop shot them

Vinnerbaits Hawg Frawgs.  At the front is the Bad Ass Bullfrog colour, at the back is Black/Chartreuse

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