Friday, 7 December 2012

It's Been So Long / TBBA

Well, it's certainly been a while since I updated this silly thing...I promise I won't let it happen again!  I'll be updating this blog throughout the winter with announcements, reviews and other fishing articles.

I'll do a quick recap on my Tri Bay Bass Association season.  Although I would've loved a bit more success on the tournament trail, it was good to get into my first competitive, tournament angling.  The first qualifier of the season was out of Turkey Point aka Long Point Bay.  My partner and I decided that, although there was a decent chop on the Bay, we'd make our way to the outer Bay for some smalljaw action.  Let me tell you, we were somewhat rewarded with our efforts!  As soon as we roll up to our spot, second cast in my partner hooks into a 4+ pound smallie, what an exciting way to start a tournament.  Ten minutes later, boom! Hooks into another one! Unfortunately this beast, which was bigger than the first, spit the hook at the side of the boat.  Both these monsters hit a tube being dragged.  Eventually we were getting rocked out there so we headed closer to the inner bay.  We were able to get a limit, but not able to upgrade that limit, finishing 58th out of more than 70 boats.

Blast off! Turkey Point TBBA 2012. Myself and Jared Blair blasting off, starting the 2012 TBBA Season

Next we had the Rondeau Bay Qualifier.  After prefishing, we thought we had a good chance. We found fish and consistently caught them flippin, throwing spinnerbaits and topwaters.  The day of the tournament was ridiculously windy, but it turned out to be a great day.  Just like in prefish we found them flippin' docks, throwing topwater frogs, and tossing a spinnerbait.  We had a better placing in this tournament, 34th, but there were less boats.  You win some you lose some.

The last qualifier of the season was on Lake St. Clair out of Mitchell's Bay Marina.  Let me tell you first off that I just LOVE Lake St. Clair, its a Smallie FACTORY.  We were able to sit on our spot all day and just hammer them, clone after clone.  We got into some nice 3 pounders, but so did everyone else haha.  The most exciting moment came when Jared called two chasers up on his Livetarget Perch crank, and I tossed in my tube to the follower.  We hooked up at the same time and had a nice double header of 3 pounders.  Again, we finished 34th, but it was a lot of fun hammering those smalljaws

Weigh-in at Mitchell's Bay - yes I know, I suck at holding fish

Unfortunately we didn't qualify for the Classic on the St. Clair River, but congrats to all that did and to the eventual winners, Chad Wentzell and Brad Coon.

Weighing in at Long Point Bay.  Photo cred to

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