Friday, 8 February 2013

Angler's Choice "Mystery" Stick - In-Depth

Hey guys, I decided to write this blog in conjunction with a new contest that is being done by Angler's Choice.  Recently, they've decided to change the name of their senko style stick bait, and they decided to let YOU guys choose the name!  Read through my In-Depth to find out how you can win a great prize package from Angler's Choice.

The stick bait that Angler's Choice has on the market right now comes in 4 sizes: a 4", 5", 6" and a thick fat 7" version.  As with all baits from the lineup, it is salt and scent infused and is incredibly soft.  A great bait to wacky rig, this bait will flutter down the water column, using the bumps to help disperse water as it falls, tempting in those chunky bass.

They "Mystery" Stick from Angler's Choice.  Find out how you can name the bait for a chance at a prize pack!

My, and most other anglers, favourite way to rig this bait is the good old wacky style.  Simply fold the stick in half and pierce it with a hook right in the center.  I actually use a size 1 drop shot hook from VMC for a stick up to 6".  Some might think that is small, but I find it's just big enough to peg the fish in the corner of the mouth, and just small enough to camouflage itself with the bait, and not impede the action.  Speaking of action, this bait just floats in the water, its ridiculously soft and just wobbles down in front of the bass.

Another way I like to rig this stick bait is Texas rigging a 7" stick and flipping it into the pockets.  It's a great way to catch some big fat bass.

Wacky rigged stick baits from Angler's Choice.  They'll fill your livewell I guarantee it!
For the wacky rig application, I like to use a Denali Jadewood Shakey Head rod paired with an Ardent/Evercast Forge 2000 reel lined with 10 pound Hi-Vis Yellow McCoy braid.  I will usually put on a 100% McCoy flourocarbon leader as well.

Now for what you guys are looking for, the contest info!  From now until February 12th, you have the chance to name that bait.  Just head over to the Angler's Choice Facebook page and comment your name idea.  Heck, if you don't feel like doing that, comment below and I'll make sure your entry is passed on. You have the chance to win a pretty sweet prize pack from Angler's Choice.

Here's the link to the contest:

Have at it and good luck everyone!

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