Sunday, 23 December 2012

New Sponsors Update - Angler's Choice, Ardent, McCoy

Just a quick update on some exciting things for the 2013 tournament season!  I recently signed with three GREAT new sponsors that everyone should take a look at.

First off is an outstanding up and coming soft plastics company out of Wallaceburg Ontario.  Angler's Choice really have become the angler's choice in the recent years.  Owned and operated by Dave McCready, these are some of the softest baits on the market.  And with some amazing colours these baits will be on the end of many lines in the very near future.  Check out what my friends over at had to say about their flippin' baits:

Next is Ardent Reels.  Known for being 100% made in North America, I'm very excited about joining Team Ardent.  Made right here in North America, Ardent reels are workhorses in the reel world.  With Drag Tracking Technology, the Ardent Edge Elite is one of the best reels on the market.  Take a look today!

Last but not least is McCoy Fishing Line.  Known mainly for their excellent mono-filament Mean Green, McCoy also has some outstanding braid and flourocarbon.  I really think this line will help boat some pigs this year.

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