Sunday, 16 December 2012

The Rod Glove - Everyones Favourite Rod Protector!

Today I wanted to take some time to talk to you about The Rod Glove (@THERODGLOVE).  The products made by Jim Van Ryn and VRX Fishing have been a LIFESAVER for me while tournament fishing and also fun fishing.  Now let's get started talking about everyones favourite rod protection company.


This is what the brand is known for - they're outstanding, durable, 100% North American made Rod Gloves.  The standard gloves come in both spinning and casting models as well as microguide models, have a hard plastic tapered tip, come in multiple sizes to cover rods anywhere from 6' to 8' and a rainbow of 17 (!) different colours.  These gloves are made of woven material that protects the investment you made in your rods and they come in two standard lengths; the standard casting glove comes in a 5.25' length which perfectly covers your rods up to 7', while the spinning gloves standard length is 5.5'.  They also have the 6' length for casting rods and 6.25' for spinning.  Both do a fantastic job keeping your longer 7'+ rods safe.  They all expand to easily slide over the rod guides.  There is also the PRO series which are made of neoprene.

The Rod Glove - on the left is a spinning version, the other 3 are casting versions.

Notice the hard plastic, tapered tip.  Makes putting your rods in your car or rod locker a breeze!


This product has to be one of my favourites by far! These reel protectors are durable, easy to put on and like every other Rod Glove product is quality made.  It's made of neoprene, easily fits on the reel and attaches to the rod.  The way they are designed you can put it on while still being rigged up, there is a place for the line to come through the cover.  The casting version comes in two different sizes to fit any reel, and the spinning version will fit up to a 3000 series reel.  As I said, these are by far my favourite reel covers on the market today.

Reel Glove - one of my favourite products!


The Rod Glove also has a few other products to make anglers lives easier on and off the water.  They make a handy little product called the Bait Glove.  I transport my rods fully rigged in my truck and let me tell you I used to have crankbait trebles hooked into everything! Not anymore with the Bait Glove.  It comes in three different sizes - 6", 9" and 12" - and has been a life saver for transporting fully rigged rods.

Another innovative product from VRX Fishing - the Bait Glove!

There are also the Technique Tags which help make you more efficient on the water.  Now you can simply look at your rod and see what's tied onto it.  The Technique Tags simply slide onto the original Rod Gloves and save you time on the water by letting your readily identify what's tied on.

The Rod Glove Saver and the Rod Glove Wraps are also handy products to have.  The Saver allows you to attach a clip to your Rod Glove, then wrap it around your reel handle, effectively eliminating the chacne that the wind might grab your glove and blow it out onto the water.  The Wraps allow you to wrap your rods into a nice, easy to carry bundle, making it a breeze for transporting all your rods to and from the boat.

Hopefully you're beginning to understand why the Rod Glove family of products  is by far one of my favourite companies out there today.  Not only do they make an outstanding product that helps EVERYONE angler out there, the owner, Jim Van Ryn, really goes out of his way to ensure that you - the customer - is 100% satisfied.  Check out the Rod Glove today, you won't be disappointed!

Great product, great service - what more can you ask for?

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