Monday, 10 December 2012

Denali Custom Rods

I decided to take some time to write a blog about some of the best custom rods on the planet - Denali Rods.  All these rods are lightweight and extremely sensitive, starting from the entry level Jadewood series right up to the high end Noirwood series and are also technique specific, which makes choosing your next rod a breeze.  I'll take some time to go through each series today.


This is has to be one of the best entry level rods on the market these days.  Starting at just $89.99 these rods are focused at the recreational angler, but are lightweight and sensitive enough to be used everyday and on the tournament trail.  As I said earlier, each rod is technique specific, so if you need a crankin' rod Denali has it, if you need a drop shot rod Denali has that too.  These rods are made with a split-grip EVA foam handle, and has an Asian hardwood known as 'Jadewood' (hence the series name) as the foregrip.  Not only does this look sharp, it actually adds to the sensitivity of the rod, transmitting the bites you get better and allowing you to set the hook on even the shyest of biters.

Denali Rods Jadewood series.  Note the EVA Foam split-grip handle and the Jadewood foregrip.

The Jadewood series comes with a limited lifetime warranty which is outstanding.  They come in sizes from 6'6" right up to their multipurpose A-Rig/Swimbait rod which measures in at 7'11".  Check out the link to see all the rods the Jadewood series offers.  During this past season, I regularly used the Jadewood series and came away impressed with its sensitivity, backbone and how lightweight they are.

Close up of the Jadewood foregrip. Added sensitivity and it looks great too!

All Denali Rods are technique specific, as you can see here with the Crankbait, Spinnerbait and Multipurpose rods


The Rosewood series is the next step up for Denali.  These rods are their mid-level rods and start at $189.99.  Made with Hi-Modulus BSTI-10 blank, these rods are known for their incredible sensitivity and for being ridiculously lightweight, aided by a high grade Portuguese cork split-grip handle and the Rosewood foregrip.  The Rosewood series uses the same guides as the Noirwood series, guides that are lighter and made of stainless steel.  They are also more durable due to the recessed ring design.

Rosewood Series.  Look at the high grade cork handles and the beautiful Rosewood foregrip

The Rosewood series are all technique specific and range from the 6'6" Finesse rod to the 7'11" extra heavy Rig Rod.  Denali is so certain that the Rosewood rods are they best on the market that they've backed it up with a LIFETIME warranty.  That's right, LIFETIME.

Close up of the Rosewood foregrip

All Denali rods are technique specific.  Here we have a Worm & Jig rod, as well as a Shakey Head rod

Denali Custom Rods also has the Noirwood series, which is their top of the line rod.  Starting at $369.99 these rods are the best of the best.  Also, I would recommend checking out the Signature Series.  Mike Murphy, Ray Scheide, Mark Tyler and Terry Bolton all have models in this series, which is the Rosewood Series, but designed specifically to these pro's designations.  Definitely check them out as well.

So there's an overview of the Denali lineup, you should most definitely give them a hard look the next time you're in the market for a rod.  Lightweight, sensitive, outstanding craftsmanship and out of this world service!

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