Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Angler's Choice In-Depth - Introducing the Kill Shot

On January 6th my friends over at rahfish.com had the opportunity to introduce a brand new drop shot bait from Angler's Choice called the Kill Shot.  You can check out the review HERE and be sure to check out the tank footage HERE.

This bait is going to be your go to drop shot bait in 2013, this I can almost all but guarantee you!  But before you say "yeah right!!" let's go In-Depth.

Angler's Choice Kill Shot - On top is the 4", bottom is the 3"

Size and Colours

 The Kill Shot is available in both 3" for a pure finesse approach as well as a versatile 4" version.  Available in all the colours offered by Angler's Choice, shown above are some of my favourites.  Be sure to give owner Dave McCready a call if there's a custom colour you want, he will do his best to work with you on getting it matched.

My go-to colours for the Kill Shot this year will be Misty Craw, Smoke Holo, Work of Art and Smoke Purple Pearl/Silver Holo with Pearl/Silver Holo.  But make sure to check out the entire colour lineup to find your go-to colour!

Top L to R: Misty Craw & Smoke Holo.  Bottom L to R:  Work of Art, Smoke Purple Holo


Like the rest of the Angler's Choice lineup, the Kill Shot is made with a softness that is second to none, thus giving it an incredible action in the water.  The ribbed body helps to disperse water to help call in the bass as well as expel air bubbles that have the bass dying to eat it.  The spade-style tail also has lateral lines on it that give it a ridiculous up and down action in the water.  The Kill Shot looks natural sitting in the water, and when you work your rod to impart some action it will bounce and shake around enticing bites from even the wariest of bass.


Since this is a drop shot bait, it's primary job will be to get tied onto a drop shot rod.  I plan to give this thing a WORKOUT on the drop shot rig.  I'll do that using a 7' Denali Rosewood Drop Shot rod paired with an Ardent/Evercast Forge 2000 spinning reel with 8lb McCoy 100% Flourocarbon.  But like the rest of the lineup, remember that this bait is versatile.  I plan on rigging it on a football jig and dragging it, a shakey head and tossing it at docks, heck I might even wacky rig it!

A 4" Emerald Shiner rigged on a VMC Spin Shot hook with a 1/4 ounce drop shot weight

This bait is not available online or in stores yet, its release will be at the Toronto Spring Fishing and Boat show, Februray 15-18th 2013.  Come see me or any of the other Pro Staff for this bait and we'll set you up!  But make sure you get there early, this is going to the one of THE hot baits of the show. 

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