Thursday, 10 January 2013

Siebert Outdoors/Jig Fishing

I just wanted to take a few minutes to talk about an outstanding order of jigs I recently got in the mail.  Mike Siebert, owner of Siebert Outdoors, makes a great jig for a great price.  The colour selection for both heads and skirts is out of this world!  He worked with me to get the colour combination I was looking for and was available whenever I wanted to talk jig fishing.  Take a look at the picture below, just a sampling of the jigs that I ordered.

Siebert Outdoors jigs - hand tied, affordable and great colour selection

Siebert Outdoors has the entire jig spectrum available to the buyer.  Arky style, football heads, big old brush jigs, swim jigs - you can get it all from them.  They all come with a trim-able weedguard, and my favourite hook, the Mustand Widegap Ultra Point.  Those hooks have helped me put fish in the boat and they will for you too.  They've also recently started making and selling spinnerbaits as well, which are top of the line like the jigs.

Tie on a jig and get ready to hold on, those bass will inhale them!

Personally, I think that a jig is one of the few baits that are great at any time of the year for any type of cover.  Whether you want to rig up a 3/4 ounce bullet head style jig and pitch it into the weeds, flip a 1/2 ounce arky style at a dock or isolated cover, or one of my favourite techniques, rig a 3/8 to 1/2 ounce football head and drag it along sand or rocky bottoms, the fish WILL eat this presentation.  Bulking it up with a trailer is certainly the way to go.  I like the Speed Bug or Flappin' Craw, both available from Angler's Choice.  The jig and pig as it's called is one of the few baits that just about every single bass fisherman out there has tied on at all times. 

Siebert Outdoors Okeechobee jig with a Flappin Craw in Okeechobee Craw from Angler's Choice

I like to flip a jig on a 7' Denali Rosewood Worm and Jig rod, an Ardent Edge Tournament reel lined with 30-50 pound McCoy Braid, depending on the structure I'm fishing.  I'll top that off with a 15-20 pound McCoy 100% flourocarbon leader.  Either way, a jig is definitely a bait that you need to invest in as it will most definitely put fish in your livewell.

Check out Siebert Outdoors HERE

Check out a jig from Siebert Outdoors, tie it on your line, and prepare to catch some bass!

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  1. These jigs really have the look. We are making an order to carry them in our shop. Can't wait to try them out.